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Our Story

Welcome!  We are Chris and Michelle and we are the people blessed to own Whiskey Jack Farm.  Our site is currently under development, we appreciate your patience!

We didn't grow up on farms or have any experience with livestock or farming until we packed up our things and moved to Horsefly BC in 2015.  We lived on Vancouver Island and had dreamed about owning property.

In 2010 I (Michelle) was diagnosed with cancer for the third time, only this time it was incurable, stage 4 lymphoma.  This caused us to really evaluate what was important to us, how short life can be and it taught us to live the life we want now and to value each day.  After much prayer I was healed from my cancer in 2012 without any treatment, no special diet, just pure faith and trust that Jesus heals unconditionally.  Three years later we sold our house and moved to Horsefly, BC and began our farm with just a few chickens and two horses.

Chris wanted sheep from the start and right away went to work researching many breeds, we finally decided on both Gotland and Shetland sheep and bought three Shetland ewes in 2018.  We discovered that Gotland sheep are not very common in Western Canada, but we aquired a high percentage ram in fall of 2020 and began our upbreeding program with our shetland ewes.  This year we are adding four high percentage Gotland ewes and another unrelated ram to our flock!  We are excited and passionate about our farm and hope to offer a farmstay opportunity in the future.

Thank you for checking out our farm!


At Whiskey Jack Farm we are committed to raising quality Gotland and Shetland sheep.  We started with Shetlands and in 2018 and purchased our high percentage Gotland ram in 2020 to begin our upbreeding program.  We are expecting our first lambs of this cross in April 2021.  We are passionate about our breeding program of both breeds.

We offer yarn spun from our wool, raw fleece and grass fed lamb meat.  Seasonally we also offer high quality registered and unregistered lambs.  We hope to offer a farmstay opportunity in the future.



We raise our lambs on pasture untreated by chemicals or unatural fertilizers.  It is also antibiotic and hormone free, giving you the healthiest meat available from farm to table.  We have chosen these primitive, heritage breeds because of the quality of their meat and wool as well as their hardiness.  They do not provide a big commercial carcass that are more commonly showcased today, but with a little more growing time they provide beautiful, mild flavoured meat that we are sure you will love.

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